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Select Interviews with Patrick Krill

Jerk Partners Beget Jerk Partners: Ending BigLaw’s Cycle of Dysfunction

(, July 2019)

Mental Health and Well-Being in the Legal Industry with Kim Koopersmith, Patrick Krill

(OnAir with Akin Gump, June 2019)

Amped Up:ADHD Med Abuse in the Legal Profession

(ABA Journal, Asked and Answered Podcast, June 2019)

One Big Law Attorney’s Journey with Depression, One Firm’s Response to the Profession’s Problem

(, October 2018)


Big Law Leader Shares Struggles with Alcoholism, Challenges for Profession 

(, May 2018)


Wellness Resources for Lawyers: State Bar of Michigan, On Balance Podcast

(Legal Talk Network, May 2018)


The Elephant in the Room: The Legal Profession, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse

(Stanford Law School, February 2018).


Podcast: Patrick Krill on Addiction in the Legal Industry & the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

(Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, September 2017)


Inside Treatment and Recovery: A Look at the Transition

(SAMHSA and Entertainment Industries Council Webcast)


WGN Radio: Legal Faceoff Podcast (June 2017)


Opioid Abuse Takes a Toll on Workers and Their Employers:  NPR


Attorneys and Alcoholism—Exploring the Trend: Minnesota Public Radio


ABA Law Student Podcast: Substance Abuse and Mental Illness in the Legal Profession


Study—More Than 30% of Lawyers are Problem Drinkers:  California Public Radio


Spotlight Interview with Patrick Krill: KTOE Radio


ABA Podcast: How Can Attorneys Get Help Without Harming Their Careers?


Study Shows American Lawyers Struggling with Addiction and Depression: Mimesis Law


This Life Podcast with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest


The Dr. Drew Podcast


Recovery Road Leads to Minnesota