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Progress, Not Perfection, is Key to Law Firm’s Mental Health Programs

Patrick Krill, June 12, 2019

‘Just Make it Happen’ Mentality is Bad for Lawyer Well-Being

Patrick Krill, March 19, 2019

Minnesota Supreme Court Taking Aim at Mental Health ‘Crisis’ in Legal Profession

Stephen Montemayor

The Star Tribune, March 2, 2019

It’s the Middle of Winter. Be Well.

Patrick Krill, February 1, 2019

He Made His Way to the Top of Big Law. Then His Drinking Almost Brought Him Down.

Jeanne Sahadi

CNN Business, January 24, 2019

As Attorney Suicides Mount, a Survivor Speaks Out

Meghan Tribe

The American Lawyer, November 12, 2018

Another Way to Cope as a Lawyer? Paintbrushes and Sketchpads

Christine Simmons

The American Lawyer, November 9, 2018

Justice O’Connor Diagnosis Highlights ‘Inevitability’ of Dementia Among Lawyers

Christine Simmons, October 29, 2018

After Baker McKenzie Chair Takes Leave for ‘Exhaustion,’ Other Leaders Share Pressures

Dan Packel

The American Lawyer, October 24, 2018

How Clients Contribute to Mental Health Problems at Firms

Scott Flaherty

October 24, 2018

Justice O’Connor’s Diagnosis is a Reminder That Lawyers Can’t Ignore Dementia

Christine Simmons, October 23, 2018

One Big Law Attorney’s Journey with Depression, One Firm’s Response to the Profession’s Problem, October 12, 2018

Big Law Leaders Say Stress is Main Cause of Addiction and Mental Health Problems

Patrick Krill, October 1, 2018

Big Law Leaders Say Stigma Comes with Addiction and Mental Health Problems

Patrick Krill, September 14, 2018

ALM Survey on Mental Health and Substance Abuse: BigLaw’s Pervasive Problem

Patrick Krill, September 14, 2018

Q & A: Why Firms Need New Norms on Substance Abuse, Mental Health

Christine Simmons interviewing Patrick Krill, September 11, 2018


Once the Addicted Lawyer Becomes Impaired, It May Be Too Late

Patrick Krill, July 16, 2018


Lawyers Need Vacations. Case Closed.

Gayle Cinquegrani

Bloomberg Big Law Business, May 25, 2018


ABA 'Furiously Working to Craft Proposal on Lawyers' Mental Health

Ryan Lovelace

National Law Journal, May 21, 2018


For Firms Welcoming Summer Associates, It's Time to Think Outside the Bottle

Patrick Krill, May 4, 2018


Lawyer Testimonials Aim to Stamp Out Mental Health Stigma

Patrick Krill, March 27, 2018


The Mental Health Crisis in Law

Daniel Fish

Precedent Magazine, March 6, 2018


ABA Passes Measure on Lawyer Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Karen Sloan, February 8, 2018


What Do the Statistics About Lawyer Alcohol Use and Mental Health Problems Really Mean?

Patrick Krill

Florida Bar Journal, January 10, 2018


Want to Reduce Your Drinking and Get Healthier? Slow and Steady Does It

Patrick Krill, January 3, 2018


Unhappy Hour: Law Firm Drinking Culture Amplifies Sexual Harassment Problems

Patrick Krill, November 13, 2017


For Firms' Addicted Lawyers, Staff Play a Key Role

Patrick Krill, October 23, 2017


Why You Should Confront a Colleague's Addiction Early

Patrick Krill, August 25, 2017


National Task Force Report: Here, Now, a Watershed for a Lawyer's Well-Being

Patrick Krill

Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, August 14, 2017


BigLaw at a Crossroads on Mental Health, Report Finds

Sam Reisman

Law360, August 14, 2017


How to Deal With a Lawyer Who's in Denial About a Drinking Problem

Patrick Krill, July 26, 2017


The Lawyer, the Addict

Eilene Zimmerman

The New York Times, July 15, 2017


Are We Kidding Ourselves About Improving Mental Health in the Legal Profession?

Patrick Krill, July 12, 2017


Am I Depressed Because I'm a Lawyer?

Patrick Krill, June 28, 2017


Should Lawyers be Drug and Alcohol Tested?

Patrick Krill, May 31, 2017


Should I Disclose a Past Drinking Problem to My New Law Firm?

Patrick Krill, May 17, 2017


Law Firms Finally Say It’s OK to See a Therapist

Sara Randazzo

Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2017


Law Student with Felony Record and Skadden Fellowship Denied Character and Fitness Recommendation

Stephanie Francis Ward

ABA Journal, May 12, 2017


Is it Wrong for Lawyers to Smoke Pot?

Patrick Krill, May 3, 2017


Addicted or Depressed Lawyers Need More that 'Wellness'

Patrick Krill, April 19, 2017


How to Get Addiction Treatment Without Killing Your Legal Career

Patrick Krill, April 5, 2017


Drinking to Relieve Stress? Bad Idea, Counselor

Patrick Krill, March 21, 2017


The 'Functioning Alcoholic' Attorney: Where's the Harm?

Patrick Krill, March 7, 2017


My Supervising Attorney is a Problem Drinker

Patrick Krill, February 22, 2017


Will My Law Career Always Feel This Toxic?

Patrick Krill, February 8, 2017


A Lawyer-Friend 'Might' Have Alcohol Problems.  What to do?

Patrick Krill, January 25, 2017


Let's Address the Elephant in the Law Firm

Patrick Krill, January 11, 2017


The Impact on Society is Enormous: In Legal Profession, Depression, Addiction Hurt Clients, Too.

Nicole Ireland

CBC News, November 2016


National Opioid Epidemic is Cause to Examine the Legal Profession’s Own Problems with Addiction

Karen Harris and Patrick Krill

ABA Health eSource, October 2016


Dementia Dilemma: When Older Partners Pose a Liability

Angela Morris, October 2016


Do You Have a Drinking Problem, Counselor?

Patrick Krill, October 2016


Law Schools Must Confront Students' Alcohol, Mental Health Problems: Opinion

Patrick Krill, September 2016


New Company Aims to Tackle Law Firms' Alcohol Problem

MP McQueen, August 2016


Lawyer's New Consulting Firm for Addiction and Mental Health Help Serves Law Firms Exclusively.

ABA Journal, August 2016


The Prevalence of Substance Use and Other Mental Health Concerns Among American Attorneys

Krill, Patrick R. JD, LLM; Johnson, Ryan MA; Albert, Linda MSSW

Journal of Addiction Medicine, February 2016


The Legal Profession's Drinking Problem

Patrick Krill

CNN Opinion


Why Lawyers are Prone to Suicide

Patrick Krill

CNN Opinion


Substance Abuse and Mental Health: Going Solo Isn’t an Option

Patrick R. Krill

GP SOLO Magazine (ABA)


One-Fifth of This Occupation Has a Serious Drinking Problem

Christopher Ingraham

The Washington Post


Commentary: When a Successful Law Career Mixes with Addiction

Lisa F. Smith, Special To The Washington Post

Chicago Tribune


How BigLaw Contributes to High Attorney Depression Rates



Study Indicates Lawyers Struggling with Substance Use and Other Mental Health Issues

Jeena Cho



Landmark Study: U.S. Lawyers Face Higher Rates of Problem Drinking and Mental Health Issues

Joe Forward

State Bar of Wisconsin


Study Shows ‘Problematic’ Alcohol Use by Attorneys

Scott Roberts

The Indiana Lawyer


Wellness and the Legal Profession: Implications of the 2016 Landmark Study on the Prevalence of Substance Use and Mental Health Concerns Among U.S. Attorneys

Linda Albert and Patrick Krill

The Bar Examiner, Vol. 85, No. 1, March 2016


Study Identifies High Rate of Problem Drinking Among Lawyers, Next Steps

Your ABA newsletter


The Legal Profession's Drinking Problem Is Worse Than We Thought

M.P. McQueen

The American Lawyer


The Real State of Substance Abuse Among Lawyers

Kate Mangan


Attorney Impairment is on the Rise; Here's How to Fight Back



Lawyers Rarely Seek Depression, Anxiety, Addiction Help, Experts Say

James Dunn, Business Journal Technology Editor

The North Bay Business Journal


Lawyers, Drinking, Depression: A Problem That Isn’t Going Away

BENCH & BAR of Minnesota


Young Lawyer Problem Drinking on the Rise

Jan Pudlow, Senior Editor

The Florida Bar News


ABA Study Reveals Widespread Problem Drinking, Mental Health Issues Among American Lawyers

Matt Yas

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly


What BigLaw Can Do About The Industry's Drinking Problem

Aebra Coe

Law 360


High Rate of Problem Drinking Reported Among Lawyers

Elizabeth Olson

The New York Times


Alcohol Abuse Plagues One in Three Attorneys, Study Says

Psyche Pascual

California Bar Journal


Why 1 in 3 Lawyers Are Problem Drinkers

OPINION: Competition plays a role, but it's more about how success is defined — by being tough.

Susan A. Bandes

National Law Journal


Patricia King: Substance Abuse Among Lawyers Is No Joke

Patricia King


Lawyers Awash in Alcohol

David Andreatta

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle


Attorneys Report High Rates of Problem Drinking, Mental Illness

Andy Steiner


Study: Lawyer Drinking Rates Staggering

Kristen Senz

New Hampshire Bar Association


Statistics, Stigma, and Sanism: A Public Health Warning About the “Perfect Storm” Heading Toward America’s Legal Profession

Dan Defoe



Study Discusses Lawyers’ Alcohol, Behavior Problems

Dana Littlefield

San Diego Union-Tribune


American Lawyers Apparently Have a Drinking Problem

Claire Groden



High Rates of Alcohol Abuse, Depression Among U.S. Attorneys, Study Says

Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz

Chicago Tribune


Alcohol a 'Very Alarming' Problem for Nation's Lawyers, Hazelden and ABA Find

Paul Walsh

Star Tribune


Drinking is a Problem for 1 in 3 Lawyers, Study Finds

Karen Sloan

National Law Journal


The Legal Industry Has A Drinking Problem, Study Says

Aebra Coe

Law 360


Study on Attorney Well-Being shows ‘Alarming’ Results

Detroit Legal News


After the Storm: Navigating a Return to Work Following Treatment
The Verdict

Patrick R. Krill


Legally Intoxicated: The Impacts and Implications of Substance Abuse in the Practice of Law
The Hennepin Lawyer

Patrick R. Krill


A Trial Like No Other: Confronting and Managing the Disease of Addiction
Legal Management News

Patrick R. Krill


When There's One Bar They Just Can't Seem to Pass
Legal Management News

Patrick R. Krill